The Greek Job
Escape Room In Haifa

You`ve arranged a quick trip to the sun bathed Greece, but you did not come here to rest.
You have not even tasted a drop of a local Uzo yet, you hear a plate shutter and you begin the
mission of your life,

The Greek Job

This is an unordinary action experience where you will work together to complete the mission you`ve got and you have only 60 minutes to accomplish!
During the mission you will be surrounded by views that will remind you of Greece, but don’t let that
fool you.
Get ready! You have to be sharp and think outside the box.


The Greek job- an escape room in Haifa, is accessible for wheelchairs, hearing impaired and deaf people.


The game is not scary, fit for pregnant women, English speakers, and does not require physical strength,
crawling or climbing.

The Challange

Forget about a room full of locks! You will find surprising and technological puzzles fit for kids and

The Story

The story is set in one of the taverns in Athens, Greece.
You are welcomed to rest a bit, drink some Uzo and enjoy the light breeze. But, you shouldn’t get too
comfortable, because you are about to be sent on a complicate, top secret mission.
We have got the information that there is a secret safe room around here, and there is a lot of gold
there. Your mission is to find your contact, he will tell you all the details.
Do you think you will be able to steal the gold and escape in 60 minutes?

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2 participants

160₪ per person

3 participants

130₪ per person

4 participants

120₪ per person

5 participants

100₪ per person

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Frequently asked questions – If your question does not appear, please contact us

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room in Haifa is an adventure game where people get locked together and in order to leave the room they have to solve
the puzzles and ciphers in a limited time.

What is so special about The Greek Job?

For us, service is above all. Beyond that – the technological puzzles, the Greek atmosphere, the story, the
original action, the accessibility and many surprises along the way make it the best escape room in

Is the booking required in advance?

Yes, we recommend booking in advance- the earlier the better.

Can a special event be celebrated in The Greek Job?

Certainly, in our escape room in Haifa we can celebrate birthdays, team building days, marriage proposals, bachelor / bachelorette

What happens if we are late?

Arrival time is a binding time. So if you are late, it can affect your game time span in the room. Make sure you arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time.

Can I cancel my order?

Can’t come? Don’t worry, we won’t charge you.
We are kindly requesting to inform us about the cancellation as early as possible, at least 6 hours prior to the scheduled time.


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Every day from 9:00-0:00

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